Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day 7

Sunday! The gospel is the same in Haiti. I love our church. I love that no matter where I attend, Hawaii, Utah, Israel, Washington or Haiti - the doctrine is the same. I loved that even though I couldn't understand what was being said I still felt the truth and the faith the people around me had. 
The church building is probably one of the only buildings that has generators and FANS. The fans were incredible. 

Nerlande and I. 

This spot was used as a clinic after the earthquake. Last year it was just a pit it dirt with needles and syringes everywhere. Now it's a beautiful garden on the side of the church grounds. Sustain Haiti helped in making this happen. 

The five of us sang As Sisters In Zion to the congregation today. Nerlande wanted to learn it in English so we all practiced during the week and sang today. 

This boy is incredible. He was invited to church by his English teacher last year and has continued to come since then. He hasn't ever had the missionary lessons so today we talked with missionaries and had them get his contact information.  

He loves Ashley. 

We visited an orphanage after Church. I was super excited to be able to play with the kids. But it was a weird experience. I felt helpless. I didn't like going and then just leaving. It's hard to describe but I felt terrible leaving the kids. I just wanted to be able to do more. 

This little boy has Down syndrome. He's so sweet. 

The kids at the orphanage eating. 

He made sure to give us all kisses before we left. 

Squeezing four onto a Moto. Colson the boss Moto driver. Who is also taking the missionary discussions! Everyone here is so open to the church. 

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